Designing Object-Oriented Software, 1st edition

  • Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
  • Brian Wilkerson
  • Lauren Wiener

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Practical and down-to-earth in approach, this bestseller explores the art of designing object-oriented software. It offers basic design principles and a specific design process that can be applied to any software programming effort -- even those not using object-oriented programming languages or environments. KEY TOPICS: Covers the concepts of object-oriented technology, presents a process to apply those concepts, the tools to use throughout the process, and examples to put it all together. MARKET: For developers of object-oriented software.

Table of contents

 1. Why Use Object-Oriented Design?

 2. Objects and Other Basics.

 3. Classes.

 4. Responsibilities.

 5. Collaborations.

 6. Hierarchies.

 7. Subsystems.

 8. Protocols.

 9. Implementing Your Design.

10. Another Design.

Appendix A. A Quick Reference.

Appendix B. ATM System Design.

Appendix C. Document Subsystem Design.

Appendix D. Exercises.

Published by Pearson (June 18th 1990) - Copyright © 1990