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  5. Developing Mentoring and Coaching Relationships in Early Care and Education: A Reflective Approach


Developing Mentoring and Coaching Relationships in Early Care and Education is the ideal resource for anyone charged with guiding teachers as they encounter real world challenges in today’s early childhood programs and can turn to this practical new resource as they work with supervisors and teacher-leaders to achieve greater professional effectiveness while bridging the gap between the vision for quality and actual practice. The book is packed with helpful reflective questions, illustrative mentoring and coaching scenarios, and ready-to-implement planning tools. The focus is on encouraging reflection on current practices in order to achieve quality programs, meet teaching standards, and promote positive outcomes for children in these times of rising standards and, in many cases, lower levels of support.

Table of contents



Section I: Relationship Based Professional Development


Chapter 1: Relationship Based Professional Learning

Chapter 2: Building Professional Development Relationships with Adults

Chapter 3: Communicating to Support Teacher Awareness

Chapter 4: Adult Learning and Planning for Teacher Development



Section II: Mentoring and Coaching for Inquiry, Reflection and Leadership


Chapter 5:  Readiness for Change and Learning through Inquiry

Chapter 6:  Coaching to Connect Curriculum, Assessment & Teaching

Chapter 7: Supervisors and Teacher-leaders as Mentors

Chapter 8: Mentoring and Leadership for Professional Development

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