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DevOps Troubleshooting: Linux Server Best Practices, 1st edition

  • Kyle Rankin

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (November 13th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

1st edition

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DevOps Troubleshooting: Linux Server Best Practices

ISBN-13: 9780133035544

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Table of contents

Preface         xiii

Acknowledgments         xix

About the Author         xxi


Chapter 1: Troubleshooting Best Practices         1

Divide the Problem Space 3

Practice Good Communication When Collaborating 4

Favor Quick, Simple Tests over Slow, Complex Tests 8

Favor Past Solutions 9

Document Your Problems and Solutions 10

Know What Changed 12

Understand How Systems Work 13

Use the Internet, but Carefully 14

Resist Rebooting 15


Chapter 2: Why Is the Server So Slow? Running Out of CPU, RAM, and Disk I/O         17

System Load 18

Diagnose Load Problems with top 20

Troubleshoot High Load after the Fact 29


Chapter 3: Why Won’t the System Boot? Solving Boot Problems         35

The Linux Boot Process 36

BIOS Boot Order 45

Fix GRUB 47

Disable Splash Screens 51

Can’t Mount the Root File System 51

Can’t Mount Secondary File Systems 55


Chapter 4: Why Can’t I Write to the Disk? Solving Full or Corrupt Disk Issues         57

When the Disk Is Full 58

Out of Inodes 61

The File System Is Read-Only 62

Repair Corrupted File Systems 63

Repair Software RAID 64


Chapter 5: Is the Server Down? Tracking Down the Source of Network Problems         67

Server A Can’t Talk to Server B 68

Troubleshoot Slow Networks 78

Packet Captures 83


Chapter 6: Why Won’t the Hostnames Resolve? Solving DNS Server Issues         93

DNS Client Troubleshooting 95

DNS Server Troubleshooting 98


Chapter 7: Why Didn’t My Email Go Through? Tracing Email Problems         119

Trace an Email Request 120

Understand Email Headers 123

Problems Sending Email 125

Problems Receiving Email 135


Chapter 8: Is the Website Down? Tracking Down Web Server Problems         141

Is the Server Running? 143

Test a Web Server from the Command Line 146

HTTP Status Codes 149

Parse Web Server Logs 154

Get Web Server Statistics 158

Solve Common Web Server Problems 163

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