Digital System Design Using Field Programmable Gate Arrays, 1st edition

  • Pak K. Chan

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This is the first book to offer a complete description of FPGAs and the methods involved in using CAD design tools for implementation of digital systems using FPGAs. It covers both general concepts of systems and logic design and specific issues related to FPGAs themselves -- with reference to all existing technologies. KEY TOPICS: Provides a complete approach to digital systems specification, synthesis, implementation and prototyping. Outlines all steps in using FPGA technology in logic design -- from description of the problem to realization -- and contains practical, detailed examples throughout.
MARKET: For graduate and undergraduate students as well as professionals in the field of digital design.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction.

 2. Design Specifications.

 3. Design Methodologies.

 4. Design Verification and Testing.

 5. Combinational Logic Design.

 6. Finite State Machine Design.

 7. Timing Issues.

 8. Datapath Design.

 9. Case Studies.

10. Impact of FPGA.

Appendix A: Vendors.

Appendix B: Data Sheets.

Appendix C: CAD Tools.



Published by Pearson (April 11th 1994) - Copyright © 1994