DOS Internals, 1st edition

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DOS Internals is the most detailed description ever written of how DOS memory and disk management work. By understanding the inner workings of DOS 5 and 6 and the changes made from earlier versions, ambitious programmers will be better able to write programs that take full advantage of DOS services.

DOS Internals is the definitive guide for showing advanced DOS programmers how to exploit the full potential of DOS, and is undoubtedly the most well-researched, meticulous coverage of DOS memory and disk management ever published. This book is divided into four parts: Memory Management, Development Tools, Extended Memory Management, and Disk Management. You'll understand and learn how to exploit in your programs:

  • key operating system activities
  • DOS/Windows interaction
  • the DOS boot sequence (including DOS 6 multi-config)
  • the DOS/DoubleSpace interface
  • extended memory sources, access and management
  • device drivers
  • and error codes.
DOS Internals is not a reworking of material found in other DOS books. Current through DOS Version 6.0, it is based entirely on fresh research and supports the new generation of hardware and software that will be the foundation of personal computing for the rest of this decade.

DOS and Windows programmers will find in this ultimate DOS reference precious and applicable information available nowhere else.

The accompanying disk comes with complete source code in C and assembly language, including two ready-to-use libraries for turning almost any C program into a DOS TSR or device driver.


Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (February 28th 1994) - Copyright © 1993