Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology, Updated Fourth Canadian Edition, 4th edition

  • Edward J. Tarbuck
  • Frederick K Lutgens
  • Cameron J. Tsujita
  • Stephen R. Hicock

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This trusted text, the market's best-seller, makes an often complex subject accessible to beginning students with a strong focus on readability and illustrations. It offers a meaningful, non-technical survey that is informative and up-to-date for learning basic geological principles and concepts. The fourth Canadian edition of Earth is  a robust revision with each part of the book being examined carefully with the goals of keeping topics current, addressing Canadian perspectives and issues, and improving the clarity of text discussions and visuals.

Table of contents

1 An Introduction to Geology and Tectonic Plates
2 Minerals: The Building Blocks of Rocks
3 Igneous Rocks
4 Volcanoes and Volcanic Processes
5 Weathering and Soil
6 Sedimentary Rocks
7 Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks
8 Geologic Time
9 Crustal Deformation
10 Earthquakes and Earth's Interior
11 The Ocean Floor
12 Plate Tectonics: The Framework of Modern Geology
13 Mountain Building and Continental Frameworks
14 Mass Wasting: The Work of Gravity
15 Running Water
16 Ground Water
17 Glaciers and Glaciation
18 Deserts and Winds
19 Shorelines
20 Mineral and Energy Resources

Published by Pearson Canada (March 9th 2018) - Copyright © 2019