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Education Custom Database, 1st edition

  • Cecil D. Mercer
  • Paige C. Pullen

Published by Pearson (July 29th 2008) - Copyright © 2009

1st edition

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Students with Learning Disabilities

ISBN-13: 9780132228428

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The seventh edition of this popular text about learning disabilities offers comprehensive coverage and a balanced approach of all of the varying theories and practices in the field—educational, medical, and psychological—incorporating assessment, definition, characteristics, and strategies–all to help readers develop their own personal perspective. It presents equal treatment to information about the characteristics, definitions, causes, and controversies of learning disabilities, with each researched-based topic clearly designed to support both diagnosis and intervention. Throughout the text, “best practices” have been identified through thorough research and practical examples. Revised to include the latest research and recent developments, the seventh edition reflects the latest trends in the field of learning disabilities. Current and classic, Students with Learning Disabilities, Seventh Edition will stimulate and interest its readers about the nature and needs of individuals with learning disabilities.


New to the seventh edition:

  • Reflects the recent changes and trends in learning disabilities including current issues in this dynamic and expanding field.
  • Now features current information on the 2004 Reauthorization of IDEA and the 2006 Code of Federal Regulations.
  • A new chapter on ADHD and other related cognitive disabilities–including information about intellectual disabilities and autism.
  • Special pedagogical and boxed features have been added throughout the textFocus on the Law, Personal Perspectives, and Learning Tips.
  • A strong focus on how to teach and manage students with learning disabilities.
  • Revised, updated, and increased coverage of: cultural diversity, Responsiveness to Intervention techniques for identifying students with LD, effective practices to prevent and remediate reading difficulties, and includes more effective assessment strategies and teaching practices in the academic areas based on the most current research.

Table of contents



Chapter 1    History, Current Directions, Definitions, and Characteristics

Chapter 2    Medical Aspects

Chapter 3    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder




Chapter 4    Assessment

Chapter 5    Educational Services and Settings

Chapter 6    Teaching Theories and Practices

Chapter 7    Oral Communication: Speech and Language

Chapter 8    Reading

Chapter 9    Written Communication: Handwriting, Spelling, and Written Expression

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