Electrical Engineering Uncovered, 2nd edition

  • Richard M. White
  • Roger W. Doering

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Electrical Engineering Uncovered gives the reader an introduction to electrical engineering and a sense of what professional engineers do. The book uses familiar examples, like water flowing through a garden hose, to illustrate the electronics discussed and ease the reader into the subject. KEY TOPICS: Topics include up-to-date Internet information; new material on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS); digital electronics; computer architecture; communications; and digital signal processing. Short, one-page templates are included for the different kinds of technical writing an engineer would typically produce. MARKET: As a reference for electrical engineers.

Table of contents


 1. Modeling Processes.

 2. Engineering Design: Why? What? How?

 3. Engineering Ethics.

 4. Meaningless Precision: 22.6 Grams of Fat Per Serving.

 5. About Those Other Fields of Engineering.

 6. Logarithmic Unit for a Person's Pay: The Salarybel.

 7. How Many Words Is A Picture Really Worth?

 8. Favorite Programs.

 9. Some Really Interesting Technical and Semi-Technical Books.

10. Advice to Freshmen.

11. On Communicating.

12. Templates for Technical Writing.

13. The Internet.

14. Optical Communications.

15. Industry-University Cooperation in MEMS.

16. Brief Technical Articles.

17. Entrepreneurship: It's Your Business.

18. Unsolved Problems and Unanswered Questions.


19. Direct Current Fundamentals.

20. Alternating Currents and Components.

21. What Can You Do with These Components?

22. Digital Logic Devices.

23. Computer Architecture.

24. What's in the Box?

25. Semiconductors: From Ns and Ps to CMOS.

26. The Load Line and Your Car Battery.

27. CMOS Logic and Memory.

28. Other Semiconductor Devices and Circuits.

29. Fabrication of Ics and MEMS.

30. Power for the People.

31. Wireless Communication Systems.

32. Digital Signal Processing.

33. Electronics Terminology Brought to You by the Good Guys.

Published by Pearson (March 2nd 2001) - Copyright © 2001