Electronics Pocket Handbook, 3rd edition

  • Daniel L. Metzger

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This handy reference brings together all of today's most important electronics charts, tables, definitions and formulas in one place.KEY TOPICS:This book contains all the component data, formulas, standards, symbols and codes commonly used in electronics, plus an extensive dictionary of computer and electronics terms. It covers topics as diverse as wire tables, radio frequency assignments, computing, batteries, semiconductor heat sinks, winding resistance, and more. New additions and expansions include active filter circuits, Doppler equations and antenna signal strength formulas, PC card edge connector pinouts, Windows 95 functions, electronics safety and first aid, and the Internet. Best of all, it fits in your pocket or in a corner of your briefcase or toolbox.MARKET:For all practicing electrical engineers, computer technicians, electronics students and amateur electronics enthusiasts. Also for managers and salespeople in the electronics and computer industries.

Table of contents

Definitions, Formulas, and Charts.

Definitions of Electrical Quantities. Ohm's Law and Power Law. Resistor Combinations. Capacitors and Inductors. AC, Harmonics, RMS, and Skin Effect. Reactance and Impedance. 1Complex Notation: Rectangular and Polar (Phasor) Forms. Three-Phase Formulas. Transformer Formulas. Power-Supply Formulas. Decibels. Instrumentation Definitions. Attenuator Formulas. Bridge Circuits. Filters. Antennas and Transmission-Lines. Thermal Formulas. Mathematical Formulas.

2. Component Data and Characteristics.

Wire and Cable. Resistors and Capacitors. Inductors and Transformers. Semiconductor Devices. Miscellaneous Components.

3. Circuit Analysis and Design.

Resistive Circuits. Network Theorems. General Circuit-Analysis Techniques. AC Circuit Analysis. Nonsinusoidal Excitation. Real-Transformer Equivalent Circuits. Power-Supply Circuit Analysis. Amplifier Circuit Analysis. Trigger and Power Circuits.

4. Units, Conversions, and Constants.

The International System of Units (SI). Quantity, Unit, and Unit-Prefix Symbols. Unit Conversions. Physical Properties and Constants.

5. Standards, Symbols, and Codes.

Frequency Standards. Radio and TV Broadcast Standards. Communications Codes. Mechanical Hardware Standards. Standard Schematic Symbols.

6. Computer Standards and Codes.

Digital Codes. Boolean Algebra Theorems. Standard Computer Connectors. Computer-Language Summaries.

7. Tests and Procedures.

Soldering and Reworking. Component Tests. Semiconductor Tests. Amplifier Tests. Miscellaneous Tests and Tips.

8. Safety and Electrical Wiring.

Electric Shock. Electrical Safety. Electrical Wiring Practice.

9. Dictionary of Computer and Electronics Terms.


Published by Pearson (January 22nd 1998) - Copyright © 1998