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Elementary & Intermediate Algebra for College Students, Media Update, 4th edition

  • Allen R. Angel
  • Dennis Runde

Published by Pearson (June 2nd 2014) - Copyright © 2015

4th edition

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For courses in Beginning & Intermediate Algebra

This package includes MyMathLab®.


Understanding Algebra

Through many successful editions, the Angel team has developed a text that students can read, understand, and enjoy. They’ve done this by pairing clear explanations (in short sentences!) with detailed examples and thorough exercise sets. This Media Update to the 4th edition of Elementary & Intermediate Algebra provides the same great pedagogy from the Angel team, but with expanded and updated resources to give your students even more tools to understand algebra.


This program provides a better teaching and learning experience for you and your students. Here’s how:

  • MyMathLab improves results with a new video lecture series and a new downloadable Student Workbook that can be packaged with the text and/or the MyMathLab code.
  • Carefully crafted exercise sets give students the practice they need to build understanding.
  • Clear, visual presentation gives students content in a readable, easy-to-understand format. 

Personalize learning with MyMathLab

MyMathLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students practice what they learn, test their understanding, and engage with media resources to help them absorb course material and understand difficult concepts.


0321927362 / 9780321927361  Elementary & Intermediate Algebra for College Students, Media Update, 4/e

Package consists of:

  • 0321431308 - MyMathLab -- Glue-in Access Card
  • 0321654064 - MyMathLab Inside Star Sticker
  • 0321927346 - Elementary & Intermediate Algebra

Table of contents


To the Student


1. Real Numbers

1.1 Study Skills for Success in Mathematics

1.2 Problem Solving

1.3 Fractions

1.4 The Real Number System

1.5 Inequalities

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 1.1–1.5

1.6 Addition of Real Numbers

1.7 Subtraction of Real Numbers

1.8 Multiplication and Division of Real Numbers

1.9 Exponents, Parentheses, and the Order of Operations

1.10 Properties of the Real Number System

                  Chapter 1 Summary

                  Chapter 1 Review Exercises

                  Chapter 1 Practice Test



2. Solving Linear Equations

2.1 Combining Like Terms

2.2 The Addition Property of Equality

2.3 The Multiplication Property of Equality

2.4 Solving Linear Equations with a Variable on Only One Side of the Equation

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 2.1–2.4

2.5 Solving Linear Equations with the Variable on Both Sides of the Equation

2.6 Formulas

2.7 Ratios and Proportions

                  Chapter 2 Summary

                  Chapter 2 Review Exercises

                  Chapter 2 Practice Test

                  Cumulative Review Test



3. Applications of Algebra

3.1 Changing Application Problems into Equations

3.2 Solving Application Problems

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 3.1–3.2

3.3 Geometric Problems

3.4 Motion, Money, and Mixture Problems

                  Chapter 3 Summary

                  Chapter 3 Review Exercises

                  Chapter 3 Practice Test

                  Cumulative Review Test



4. Graphing Linear Equations

4.1 The Cartesian Coordinate System and Linear Equations in Two Variables

4.2 Graphing Linear Equations

4.3 Slope of a Line

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 4.1–4.3

4.4 Slope-Intercept and Point-Slope Forms of a Linear Equation

                  Chapter 4 Summary

                  Chapter 4 Review Exercises

                  Chapter 4 Practice Test

                  Cumulative Review Test


5. Exponents and Polynomials

5.1 Exponents

5.2 Negative Exponents

5.3 Scientific Notation

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 5.1–5.3

5.4 Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials

5.5 Multiplication of Polynomials

5.6 Division of Polynomials

                  Chapter 5 Summary

                  Chapter 5 Review Exercises

                  Chapter 5 Practice Test

                  Cumulative Review Test


6. Factoring

6.1 Factoring a Monomial from a Polynomial

6.2 Factoring by Grouping

6.3 Factoring Trinomials of the Form ax2 + bx + c, a = 1

6.4 Factoring Trinomials of the Form ax2 + bx + c, a ≠ 1

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 6.1–6.4

6.5 Special Factoring Formulas and a General Review of Factoring

6.6 Solving Quadratic Equations Using Factoring

6.7 Applications of Quadratic Equations

                  Chapter 6 Summary

                  Chapter 6 Review Exercises

                  Chapter 6 Practice Test

                  Cumulative Review Test


7. Rational Expressions and Equations

7.1 Simplifying Rational Expressions

7.2 Multiplication and Division of Rational Expressions

7.3 Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions with a Common Denominator and Finding the Least Common Denominator

7.4 Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 7.1–7.4

7.5 Complex Fractions

7.6 Solving Rational Equations

7.7 Rational Equations: Applications and Problem Solving

7.8 Variation

                  Chapter 7 Summary

                  Chapter 7 Review Exercises

                  Chapter 7 Practice Test

                  Cumulative Review Test


8. Functions and Their Graphs

8.1 More on Graphs

8.2 Functions

8.3 Linear Functions

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 8.1–8.3

8.4 Slope, Modeling, and Linear Relationships

8.5 The Algebra of Functions

                  Chapter 8 Summary

                  Chapter 8 Review Exercises

                  Chapter 8 Practice Test

                  Cumulative Review Test


9. Systems of Linear Equations

9.1 Solving Systems of Equations Graphically

9.2 Solving Systems of Equations by Substitution

9.3 Solving Systems of Equations by the Addition Method

9.4 Solving Systems of Linear Equations in Three Variables

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 9.1–9.4

9.5 Systems of Linear Equations: Applications and Problem Solving

9.6 Solving Systems of Equations Using Matrices

9.7 Solving Systems of Equations Using Determinants and Cramer’s Rule

                  Chapter 9 Summary

                  Chapter 9 Review Exercises

                  Chapter 9 Practice Test

                  Cumulative Review Test


10. Inequalities in One and Two Variables

10.1 Solving Linear Inequalities in One Variable

10.2 Solving Equations and Inequalities Containing Absolute Values

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 10.1–10.2

10.3 Graphing Linear Inequalities in Two Variables and Systems of Linear Inequalities

                  Chapter 10 Summary

                  Chapter 10 Review Exercises

                  Chapter 10 Practice Test

                  Cumulative Review Test


11. Roots, Radicals, and Complex Numbers

11.1 Roots and Radicals

11.2 Rational Exponents

11.3 Simplifying Radicals

11.4 Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Radicals

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 11.1–11.4

11.5 Dividing Radicals

11.6 Solving Radical Equations

11.7 Complex Numbers

                  Chapter 11 Summary

                  Chapter 11 Review Exercises

                  Chapter 11 Practice Test

                  Cumulative Review Test


12. Quadratic Functions

12.1 Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square

12.2 Solving Quadratic Equations by the Quadratic Formula

12.3 Quadratic Equations: Applications and Problem Solving

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 12.1–12.3

12.4 Factoring Expressions and Solving Equations That Are Quadratic in Form

12.5 Graphing Quadratic Functions

12.6 Quadratic and Other Inequalities in One Variable

                  Chapter 12 Summary

                  Chapter 12 Review Exercises

                  Chapter 12 Practice Test

                  Cumulative Review Test


13. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

13.1 Composite and Inverse Functions

13.2 Exponential Functions

13.3 Logarithmic Functions

13.4 Properties of Logarithms

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 13.1–13.4

13.5 Common Logarithms

13.6 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

13.7 Natural Exponential and Natural Logarithmic Functions 818

                  Chapter 13 Summary 829

                  Chapter 13 Review Exercises 832

                  Chapter 13 Practice Test 835

                  Cumulative Review Test 836


14. Conic Sections

14.1 The Parabola and the Circle

14.2 The Ellipse

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 14.1–14.2

14.3 The Hyperbola

14.4 Nonlinear Systems of Equations and Their Applications

                  Chapter 14 Summary

                  Chapter 14 Review Exercises

                  Chapter 14 Practice Test

                  Cumulative Review Test


15. Sequences, Series, and the Binomial Theorem

15.1 Sequences and Series

15.2 Arithmetic Sequences and Series

15.3 Geometric Sequences and Series

                  Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 15.1–15.3

15.4 The Binomial Theorem

                  Chapter 15 Summary

                  Chapter 15 Review Exercises

                  Chapter 15 Practice Test

                  Cumulative Review Test



A. Review of Decimals and Percent

B. Finding the Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Denominator

C. Geometry

D. Review of Exponents, Polynomials, and Factoring



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