Emergency Medical Responder: A Skills Approach, Fifth Canadian Edition, 5th edition

  • Daniel Limmer
  • Keith J Karren
  • Brent Q. Hafen
  • John Mackay
  • Michelle Mackay

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Emergency Medical Responder: A Skills Approach is the essential guide for students preparing to enter the paramedic profession. Thoroughly Canadian, it incorporates case studies drawn from the authors' experience, as well as perspectives, legislation, and procedures that are particular to Canada. A variety of enrichment materials are included throughout the book, as is coverage on working with other members of the health care team and the importance of written reports and accurate documentation.


The fifth Canadian edition features updated CPR standards reflecting the fundamental shift from 'A-B-C' to 'C'-B-A', review questions, and many new visuals. As well, the authors have worked significantly on expanding the discussions in relevant chapters concerning EMR and bariatric patients, lifting and positioning techniques including the HAINES position, and increased coverage of alternate methods of stabilizing an impaled object, as well as many other features.  Their dedication to creating a current and thorough textbook is clearly reflected in the fact that this text has been a student favourite for more than a decade.

Table of contents

Part 1 - Preparatory
Chapter 1 Introduction to the Emergency Medical Services System
Chapter 2 The Well-Being of the Emergency Medical Responder
Chapter 3 Legal and Ethical Issues
Chapter 4 The Human Body
Chapter 5 Pharmaceuticals
Chapter 6 Lifting and Moving Patients

Part 2 - Airway
Chapter 7 The Airway and Ventilation

Part 3 - Circulation
Chapter 8 Circulation
Chapter 9 Automated External Defibrillation

Part 4 - Assessment
Chapter 10 Scene Assessment
Chapter 11 Patient Assessment
Chapter 12 Communication and Documentation

Part 5 - Illness and Injury: Medical Emergencies
Chapter 13 Cardiac and Respiratory Emergencies
Chapter 14 Other Common Medical Complaints
Chapter 15 Geriatric Considerations
Chapter 16 Heat and Cold Emergencies
Chapter 17 Bites and Stings
Chapter 18 Psychological Emergencies and Crisis Intervention

Part 5 - Illness and Injury: Bleeding and Soft-Tissue Injuries
Chapter 19 Bleeding and Shock
Chapter 20 Soft-Tissue Injuries
Chapter 21 Injuries to the Chest, Abdomen, and Genitalia
Chapter 22 Burn Emergencies
Chapter 23 Agricultural and Industrial Emergencies

Part 5 - Illness and Injury: Injuries to Muscles and Bones
Chapter 24 Injuries to the Head, Face, and Neck
Chapter 25 Injuries to the Spine
Chapter 26 Musculoskeletal Injuries

Part 6 - Childbirth and Children
Chapter 27 Childbirth
Chapter 28 Infants and Children

Part 7 - EMS Operations
Chapter 29 EMS Operations
Chapter 30 Hazardous Materials Incidents and Emergencies
Chapter 31 Multiple-Casualty Incidents and Incident Command
Chapter 32 Water Emergencies
Chapter 33 Vehicle Stabilization and Patient Extrication
Chapter 34 Special Rescue Situations

Published by Pearson Canada (May 23rd 2018) - Copyright © 2019