Emotional Intelligence: Achieving Academic and Career Excellence in College and in Life, 2nd edition

  • Darwin B. Nelson
  • Gary R. Low

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The second edition of this supplemental text continues to provide students with the tools to cultivate emotionally intelligent behavior for success both inside and outside of the classroom. Through 13 in-depth emotional intelligence skill lessons, new students and first generation students will be guided along practical pathways to student learning and leadership with the aide of caring research-derived advice, helpful illustrations, and experience-based learning opportunities that will help them grow confidence and excel in all aspects of their lives.


Engaging, positive, and learner-centered, the new edition of Emotional Intelligence includes theory-based information on why emotional learning works, real-life examples of emotional intelligence in the classroom, and new findings regarding the importance of meaningful personal learning and leading in the classroom.

Table of contents

Introduction    Emotional Intelligence and Your Emotional Mind


Chapter 1        Your Emotional Mind

The Emotional System

Breaking the Emotional Reactivity Habit

Healthy Learning Environments

Stress, Burnout, and Boredom

College Success Factors

High Achievement and Self-Directed Learning

Twelve Important Lessons


Chapter 2        Developing an Emotionally Healthy Mind

The Emotional Learning System

Applying the Emotional Learning System

Learning Styles

Necessary Conditions for Learning

Changing Your Emotional Mind

The Emotional Skills Assessment Process


Chapter 3        Interpersonal Skills: Assertion and Anger Management and Anxiety Management


Emotional Intelligence Lesson 1: Assertion

Anger Management

Emotional Intelligence Lesson 2: Anger Management

Anxiety Management

Emotional Intelligence Lesson 3:  Anxiety Management

When Emotions Are Negative


Chapter 4        Leadership Skills: Social Awareness, Empathy, Decision Making, and Positive Influence

Social Awareness

Emotional Intelligence Lesson 4: Social Awareness


Emotional Intelligence Lesson 5:  Empathy

Decision Making

Emotional Intelligence Lesson 6: Decision Making

Positive Influence

Emotional Intelligence Lesson 7:  Positive Influence


Chapter 5        Self-Management Skills: Drive Strength, Commitment Ethic, Time Management, and Positive Change

Drive Strength

Emotional Intelligence Lesson 8:  Drive Strength

Goal Checklist

Commitment Ethic

Emotional Intelligence Lesson 9:  Commitment

Time Management

Emotional Intelligence Lesson 10:  Time

Goal Checklist

Potential Problem Area: Change Orientation

Positive Change

Emotional Intelligence Lesson 11:  Positive Change


Chapter 6:  Intrapersonal Skills:  Self-Esteem and Stress Management


Emotional Intelligence Lesson 12:  Self-Esteeem

Stress Management

Emotional Intelligence Lesson 13:   Stress


Chapter 7        Self-Renewal and Personal Excellence

Thoughts About Excellence and Self-Renewal

Personal Excellence

Systems, Principles, and Skills

Emotional Skills Profile

Personal Excellence Inventory

Continuum of Excellence


Achieving Academic and Career Excellence

Lifelong Emotional Learning

Last Word

Imagineering Activities for Renewal and Development


Appendix:  Emotional Intelligence Theories



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