English Fundamentals, 16th edition

  • Donald W. Emery
  • John M. Kierzek
  • Peter Lindblom


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English Fundamentals provides students with solid explanations, an abundance of exercises, and the numerous progress tests they need to master the principles of quality writing.

Table of contents


Part 1

Basic Sentence Patterns  

Lessons, Practice Sheets, and Exercises

   1  The Simple Sentence; Subjects and Verbs  

Practice Sheet 1 • Subjects and Verbs  

Exercise 1 • Subjects and Verbs  

  2  Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, and Prepositions  

Practice Sheet 2 • Parts of

Exercise 2 • Parts of Speech  

Exercise 2A • Subjects and

   3  Basic Sentence Patterns with Intransitive Verbs  

Practice Sheet 3 • Sentence Patterns 1 & 2  

Exercise 3 • Subjects, Verbs, and Complements  

   4  Basic Sentence Patterns with Transitive Verbs  

Practice Sheet 4 • Complements of Transitive Verbs  

Exercise 4 • Complements of Transitive Verbs  

   5  Forms of the Verb; Auxiliary Verbs  

Practice Sheet 5 • Auxiliary Verbs; Basic Sentence Patterns  

Exercise 5 • Identifying the Base of Verbs; Auxiliary Verbs  

  6  Alterations of Basic Sentence Patterns  

Practice Sheet 6 • Alterations of Basic Sentence Patterns: Passive Verbs; Questions  

Exercise 6 • Alterations of Basic Sentence Patterns: Passive Verbs; Questions  

Check Sheet  


Part 2

Clauses and Phrases  

Lessons, Practice Sheets, and Exercises

  7  Coordination: Compound Sentences  

Practice Sheet 7 • Coordination: Compound Sentences  

Exercise 7 • Coordination: Compound Sentences  

   8  Subordination: Adverb

Practice Sheet 8 • Adverb

Exercise 8 • Adverb Clauses  

  9  Subordination: Adjective

Practice Sheet 9 • Adjective Clauses  

Exercise 9 • Adjective

    10  Subordination: Noun Clauses  

Practice Sheet 10 • Subordination: Noun

Exercise 10 • Subordination: Noun Clauses  

Exercise 10A • Subordinate Clauses  

    11  Subordination: Gerund and Infinitive Phrases  

Practice Sheet 11 • Gerund and Infinitive Phrases  

Exercise 11 • Gerund and Infinitive Phrases  

    12  Subordination: Participial and Absolute Phrases  

Practice Sheet 12 • Participial and Absolute Phrases  

Exercise 12 • Participial and Absolute Phrases  

Exercise 12A • Verbal Phrases; Complements in Phrases  

Check Sheet  


Part 3

Sentence Building  

Lessons, Practice Sheets, and Exercises

    13  Completeness: Dealing with Sentence Fragments  

Practice Sheet 13 • Identifying Sentence Fragments  

Exercise 13 • Correcting Sentence Fragments  

Exercise 13A • Correcting Sentence Fragments  

    14  Misplaced Modifiers; Dangling Modifiers  

Practice Sheet 14 • Misplaced Modifiers  

Exercise 14 • Misplaced

Practice Sheet 14A • Dangling Modifiers  

Exercise 14A • Dangling

    15  Subordination  

Practice Sheet 15 • 

Exercise 15 • Subordination  

    16  Parallel Structure;

Practice Sheet 16 • Parallel Structure: Comparisons  

Exercise 16 • Parallel Structure: Comparisons  

Check Sheet  


Part 4


Lessons, Practice Sheets, and Exercises

    17  Commas to Separate 

Practice Sheet 17 • Commas to Separate  

Exercise 17 • Commas to

Exercise 17A • Commas and Semicolons to Separate  

    18  Commas to Enclose  Practice Sheet 18 • Commas to Enclose  

Exercise 18 • Commas to

Exercise 18A • Commas: All

Exercise 18B • Commas and Semicolons: All Uses  

    19  Tricky Punctuation Marks  

Practice Sheet 19 • Tricky Punctuation Marks  

Exercise 19 • Tricky Punctuation Marks  

    20  End Marks; Summary of Punctuation Rules  

Practice Sheet 20 • Review of Punctuation  

Exercise 20 • Review of Punctuation  

Exercise 20A • Review of Punctuation  

Check Sheet  


Part 5


Lessons, Practice Sheets, and Exercises

    21  Using Verbs Correctly: Principal Parts; Tense  

Practice Sheet 21 • Using Verbs Correctly: Principal Parts;

Exercise 21 • Using Verbs Correctly: Principal Parts;

    22  Using Verbs Correctly: Subject—Verb Agreement  

Practice Sheet 22 • Using Verbs Correctly: Subject—Verb Agreement  

Exercise 22 • Using Verbs Correctly: Subject—Verb Agreement  

    23  Using Pronouns Correctly: Reference; Agreement  

Practice Sheet 23 • Using Pronouns Correctly: Reference; Agreement  

Exercise 23 • Using Pronouns Correctly: Reference;

    24  Using Pronouns Correctly:

Practice Sheet 24 • Using Pronouns Correctly: Case  

Exercise 24 • Using Pronouns Correctly: Case 

Exercise 24A • Using Pronouns Correctly: Reference and Case  

    25  Using Modifiers and Prepositions Correctly 

Practice Sheet 25 • Using Modifiers and Prepositions Correctly  

Exercise 25 • Using Modifiers
and Prepositions Correctly  

    26  Puzzling Word Choices  

Practice Sheet 26 • Puzzling
Word Choices  

Exercise 26 • Puzzling Word Choices  

Check Sheet  


Part 6

Plurals and Capitals;
Revising, Proofreading, and Correcting  

Lessons, Practice Sheets, and Exercises

    27  Plurals and Capitals  

Practice Sheet 27 • Plurals and Capitals  

Exercise 27 • Plurals and

    28  Proofreading and Correcting; A Word on Writing with a Computer  

Practice Sheet 28 • Revision

Exercise 28 • Proofreading and Correcting  


Part 7

 Progress Tests  

   1  Parts of Speech

   2  Subjects and Verbs

   3  Sentence Patterns 1 & 2

   4  Complements

   5  Auxiliary Verbs; Basic Sentence Patterns

   6  Identifying the Base of Verbs; Auxiliary Verbs

   7  Coordination: Compound Verbs and Compound Sentences

   8  Adverb Clauses

   9  Adjective Clauses

10  Noun Clauses

11  Gerund and Infinitive Phrases

12  Participial Phrases; Absolute Phrases

13  Identifying Sentence Fragments

14  Misplaced Modifiers; Dangling Modifiers

15  Subordination

16  Parallel Structures: Comparisons

17  TK

18  Commas to Enclose

19  & 20 Tricky Punctuation Marks; End Marks

21   Using Verbs Correctly: Principal Parts; Tense

22  Using Verbs Correctly: Subject—Verb Agreement

23  Using Pronouns Correctly: Case

25 Using Modifiers and Prepositions Correctly


Appendix A • Sentence Combining  

Appendix B • Diagnostic Tests

Appendix C • Answer Key to Practice Sheets 


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