Entrepreneurship: Perspectives and Cases, 1st edition

  • Paul Westhead
  • Gerard McElwee
  • Mike Wright


ISBN-13:  9780273726135


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Entrepreneurship is a hot topic, yet there is no agreed definition of entrepreneurship. There is even debate about whether entrepreneurship can be taught!

This text and case study collection is designed to stimulate critical thinking and reflective learning relating to entrepreneurship. This book enables you to focus on the key issues that need to be considered with regard to new ventures and/or a business plan module, as well as courses on theory and policy relating to entrepreneurship and small businesses. 

Table of contents

Chapter 1        Introduction: Context Issues and Case Study Selection

Chapter 2        Contributions of Entrepreneurial Firms

Chapter 3        Theoretical Insights: Economic Approaches

Chapter 4        Theoretical Insights: Sociological and Psychological Approaches

Chapter 5        ‘Types’ of Entrepreneurs I: Habitual Entrepreneurs

Chapter 6        ‘Types’ of Entrepreneurs II: High Technology and Academic Entrepreneurs

Chapter 7        ‘Types’ of Organizations I: Family Firms

Chapter 8        ‘Types’ of Organizations II: Corporate Entrepreneurship

Chapter 9        ‘Types’ of Organizations III: Management Buy-Outs

Chapter 10      ‘Types’ of Organizations IV: Social Entrepreneurship

Chapter 11      External Environmental Context for Enterprise

Chapter 12      Entrepreneurial Finance

Chapter 13      International Entrepreneurship

Chapter 14      Venture Development and Performance

Published by Pearson Canada (June 16th 2011) - Copyright © 2011