Essence Information Systems, 2nd edition

  • Chris Edwards
  • John Ward
  • Andy Bytheway

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Deals with information systems from a management perspective. It focuses on the way in which business strategy is served by information systems, and explains the tools and techniques that will ensure that information systems strategies are in line wtih strategic business needs. a key feature of the book is a portfolio model which classifies information systems applications according to their strategic contribution. Using this classification it is possible to optimise the approach to information systems projects at the level of risk analysis, priorisation of investments, the use of packages, project planning and user involvement. the book includes new material on business process redesign, process and information analysis, requirements analysis, outsourcing and trends.

Table of contents

  1. Setting the Scene
  2. What are Information Systems?
  3. Issues in Information Systems
  4. Integrating Information Systems and Business Strategy
  5. Identifying Business Advantage from Information Systems
  6. Creating an Environment for Success
  7. Managing Information Systems Development
  8. Support for the System Development Process
  9. Organisational for Managing IS/IT
  10. Conclusion: Current and Future Directions

Published by Pearson (September 7th 1995) - Copyright © 1996