Essentials of Paramedic Care - Canadian Edition, Volume I, 1st edition

  • Robert S. Porter
  • Richard A. Cherry
  • Dwayne E. Clayden

Essentials of Paramedic Care - Canadian Edition, Volume I

ISBN-13:  9780131203051

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Canadian, comprehensive, and current, this two-volume set is the only Canadian text available for PCP and ACP training that closely correlates with the new Paramedic Association of Canada Competency Profiles. Easy to read and comprehensive, this set is the only reference you will need for your Primary and Advanced Care Paramedic training. Canadian references are used throughout, including up-to-date coverage of current procedures, new infectious disease safeguards, emergency drugs, and more.


Table of contents

    Division 1       Introduction to Advanced Prehospital Care


Chapter 1          Introduction to Prehospital Care

Chapter 2          Medical-Legal Aspects of Advanced Prehospital Care

Chapter 3          Operations


Division 2     Patient Assessment


Chapter 4          History Taking

Chapter 5          Therapeutic Communications

Chapter 6          Physical Assessment Techniques

Chapter 7          Patient Assessment in the Field

Chapter 8          Communications

Chapter 9          Documentation

Chapter 10       Clinical Decision Making

Chapter 11       Assessment-Based Management

Chapter 12       Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 13       General Principles of Pathophysiology

Chapter 14       General Principles of Pharmacology

Chapter 15       Medication Administration


Appendix A     PCP and ACP Competencies

Appendix B     Prehospital Research

Appendix C     Drug Fact Sheets




Published by Pearson Canada (May 1st 2005) - Copyright © 2005