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  5. Exchange Rates and International Finance 6th edn

Exchange Rates and International Finance 6th edn, 6th edition

  • Laurence Copeland
Exchange Rates and International Finance 6th edn

ISBN-13:  9780273786047


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Acclaimed for its clarity, Exchange Rates and International Finance provides an approachable guide to the causes and consequences of exchange rate fluctuations, enabling you to grasp the essentials of the theory and its relevance to these major events in currency markets.


The orientation of the book remains towards exchange rate determination, with particular emphasis given to the contributions of modern finance theory.


This sixth edition of this established text addresses the impact of the global financial crisis.

Table of contents

  • 1 Introduction   
  • 2 Prices in the open economy: purchasing power parity
  • 3 Financial markets in the open economy
  • 4 Open economy macroeconomics
  • 5 Flexible prices: the monetary model
  • 6 Fixed prices: the Mundell–Fleming model
  • 7 Sticky prices: the Dornbusch model
  • 8 Portfolio balance and the current account
  • 9 Currency substitution
  • 10   General equilibrium models
  • 11   Market efficiency and rational expectations
  • 13   The risk premium
  • 14   Target zones
  • 15   Crises and credibility
  • 16   Optimum currency areas, monetary union and the eurozone
  • 17   Heterogeneous expectations and scapegoat models
  • 18   Order flow analysis
  • 19   A certain uncertainty: nonlinearity, cycles and chaos
  • 20   Conclusions

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