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Experiments in Physiology, 11th edition

  • Gerald D. Tharp
  • David A. Woodman

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For laboratory courses in Human/Animal Physiology

Noted for its clear language, logical information flow, and emphasis on developing critical skills, this versatile manual covers all of the material needed for a one-semester human or animal physiology laboratory course. Over 90 exercises are organized into 22 chapters that are suitable for a two- to four-hour lab period.

The Eleventh Edition incorporates inquiry-based components, including an “Explain This” feature, which asks you to thoughtfully consider the aim of each exercise that they perform, and also contains a new scientific inquiry and graphing Appendix — making this a perfect complement to any book. Instructors may pair the lab manual with other technologies such as PhysioEx 9.1, PowerLab, Vernier, and BIOPAC to effectively engage you. This impressive collaboration between Woodman and Tharp gives instructors the opportunity to truly foster critical thinking skills and add a dynamic element to their laboratory courses.

Table of contents

Exercise 1. Fundamental Physiological Principles
Exercise 2. Movement Through Membranes
Exercise 3. Renal Physiology
Exercise 4. Neuroanatomy
Exercise 5. Membrane Action Potentials
Exercise 6. Reflex Functions
Exercise 7. Sensory Physiology I: Cutaneous, Hearing
Exercise 8. Sensory Physiology II: Vision
Exercise 9. Reproductive Physiology
Exercise 10. Digestion
Exercise 11. Smooth Muscle Motility
Exercise 12. Regulation of Blood Glucose
Exercise 13. Measurement of Metabolic Rate
Exercise 14. Thyroid Function
Exercise 15: Nerve-Muscle Activity
Exercise 16. Cardiac Function
Exercise 17. Human Cardiovascular Functions
Exercise 18. Respiratory Function
Exercise 19. Blood Physiology I: Erythrocyte Functions
Exercise 20. Blood Physiology II: Leukocytes, Blood Types, and Hemostasis
Exercise 21. Physical Fitness
Exercise 22. Physiology of Exercise

Appendix: Tables and Nomograms
Appendix: The Scientific Process
Appendix: Solutions

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