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F&B Module 43: Stock Investment in the Restaurant Industry, 1st edition

  • Peter Szende
  • Michael Kwag
  • Alec N. Dalton

Published by Pearson (December 21st 2016) - Copyright © 2017

1st edition

F&B Module 43: Stock Investment in the Restaurant Industry

ISBN-13: 9780132959001

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What's included

  • Unassigned


Hospitality Management Learning Modules is a series of concise and self-contained modules written by experts in the hospitality industry. They are designed with both students and instructors in mind. These modules can be used as stand-alone documents or combined to form a custom instructional packet tailored to fit the unique needs of the instructor and course curriculum. Due to the consistent and streamlined format, most modules can be covered in one or two 90-minute class periods.


About this Module: 

Restaurant companies are often known for the delicious food they serve their customers, but the benefits they present to investors can be even tastier.  This module presents restaurant companies in the context of those financial opportunities.  Emphasis is placed on publicly traded firms, though additional commentary is offered as it relates to the public offering of previously unlisted firms and to the privatization of formerly public companies.  Fundamentally, this module will outline a variety of models — both quantitative and qualitative in nature — that analysts can use to develop preliminary valuations of restaurant firms and their stock offerings within the public exchange market.

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