Family, The, Canadian Edition, 3rd edition

  • J Ross Eshleman
  • Susannah J. Wilson

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Designed for introductory courses on the sociology of the family in departments of sociology, social science, family science, family and child studies, nursing, and social work, this text is often cited as the most comprehensive and readable survey text available.

The authors focus on themes of cultural diversity in contemporary society and examine the dynamic structure and definition of the institution of the family, using all basic theoretical frameworks to describe and analyze contemporary families and nontraditional lifestyles. This revised edition adopts a feminist framework and has been thoroughly updated.

Table of contents


 1. Marriage and Families: Disciplinary and Theoretical Approaches.

 2. Marriage, Family, and Kinship.

 3. Marriage, Family, and Work.

 4. Family Income and Social Class.

 5. Establishing Intimacy.

 6. Establishing Commitment.

 7. Becoming Parents.

 8. Parent/Child Interaction and Socialization.

 9. The Middle and Later Years.

10. Family Violence.

11. Divorce and Remarriage.

12. Family and Social Policy.


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Published by Pearson Canada (October 30th 2000) - Copyright © 2001