Field Training Concept in Criminal Justice Agencies, The, 1st edition

  • Glenn F. Kaminsky

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The Field Training Concept in Criminal Justice Agencies is the first and most comprehensive work on the subject of field training in the criminal justice system. The manual, which is based on the San Jose Model of the Field Training and Evaluation Program concept, has across-the-board application for all components of the Criminal Justice System. Whether the reader works in law enforcement, telecommunications, or corrections, the process for training and evaluating newly hired employees is explained. The Field Training Concept in Criminal Justice Agencies is written for academy instructors, agency administrators, FTO Program managers, and Field Training Officers in agencies of every type and size.

The justice system is the focus of public scrutiny, more so today than ever before. It is imperative that only the competent be retained, that training be comprehensive and job-related, that evaluations be objective, and that an effective learning environment be created! It is equally important that training and evaluation programs follow a path required by the court and EEOC Guidelines, as demonstrated in this book.

The Field Training Concept in Criminal Justice Agencies addresses these issues and more in this definitive work, based on author Glenn Kaminsky's 30-year consultation and training relationship with the San Jose Model, the concept most widely used across the nation!

Table of contents

1. Field Training Programs.

2. Liability Issues.

3. Evaluation and Documentation.

4. Other Program Components.

5. The Field Training Officer.

6. Supervision and Management.

7. Teaching and Learning.

8. Communication for Success.

Final Thoughts.

Appendix A: Report Writing Exercises.


Published by Pearson (December 13th 2000) - Copyright © 2001