Foodservice Management: Principles and Practices, 13th edition

  • June Payne-Palacio
  • Monica Theis

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For courses in foodservice management or administration; hospitality management; quantity food production and/or purchasing; foodservice accounting/financial management; menu planning; foodservice marketing/merchandising, or related topics


Foodservice Operations for Today’s College Students

Authored by leading industry experts with years of teaching experience, the Thirteenth Edition of Foodservice Management: Principles and Practices offers a comprehensive, current, and practical overview of foodservice operations and business principles. Covering topics like food safety, human resources, finance, equipment, design, marketing, and filled with real-life case studies, this text gives college students a deep understanding of the issues they will face in any type of foodservice operation. Rich with graphics and photos, its visually appealing design is organized for maximum student engagement and understanding. This edition has been updated to reflect new trends in sustainability and food safety issues.

Table of contents

Part 1 The Foundations 1
Chapter 1 The Foodservice Industry 3
Chapter 2 The Systems Approach 33
Part 2 The Fundamentals 57
Chapter 3 Food Safety 59
Chapter 4 Facility Sanitation and Safety 93
Chapter 5 The Menu 117
Part 3 The Operational Functions 151
Chapter 6 Purchasing 153
Chapter 7 Receiving, Storage, and Inventory 186
Chapter 8 Production 202
Chapter 9 Service 228
Part 4 The Facilities 249
Chapter 10 Facilities Planning and Design 251
Chapter 11 Equipment and Furnishings 289
Chapter 12 Resource Conservation 313
Part 5 The Management Functions 331
Chapter 13 Organizational Design 333
Chapter 14 Leadership 357
Chapter 15 Human Resource Management 381
Chapter 16 Performance Improvement 411
Chapter 17 Financial Management 437
Chapter 18 Marketing 467
Appendix A Principles of Basic Cooking 483
Appendix B Foodservice Equipment 491
Index 511


Published by Pearson (February 20th 2015) - Copyright © 2016