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FORTRAN 77 for Engineers and Scientists with an Introduction to FORTRAN 90, 4th edition

  • Sanford Leestma
  • Larry Nyhoff

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KEY BENEFIT: This book is a complete presentation of standard FORTRAN 77 with special applications of numerical methods in science and engineering. It surpasses the coverage of its best-selling predecessor, FORTRAN 77 for Engineers and Scientists, Third Edition, by adding a current introduction to Fortran 90. KEY TOPICS: This book emphasizes sound structured programming and software engineering principles; its clear and concise presentation is perfect for readers who possess a background in algebra, with no previous programming experience.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction to Computing.

 2. Basic Fortran.

 3. Selective Execution.

 4. Repetitive Execution.

 5. Input/Output.

 6. Programming with Functions.

 7. Programming with Subroutines.

 8. One-Dimensional Arrays.

 9. MultiDimensional Arrays.

10. Other Data Types.

11. File Processing.

12. Additional FORTRAN Features.

13. New Directions in FORTRAN 90.

Appendix A: ASCII and EBCDIC.

Appendix B: Sample Files.

Appendix C: Program Composition.

Appendix D: Generic and Specific Names of Functions.

Appendix E: Internal Representation.

Appendix F: Answers to Quick Quizzes.

Index of Programming Problems.


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