Functional Behavioral Assessment and Function-Based Intervention: An Effective, Practical Approach, 1st edition

  • John Umbreit
  • Jolenea B. Ferro
  • Carl J. Liaupsin
  • Kathleen L. Lane


KEY BENEFIT: Written by the leading authorities in the field, this book presents a complete system for conducting FBA's, developing effective interventions, and implementing and monitoring those interventions. KEY TOPICS: Utilizing step-by-step strategies with supporting examples, this book will first discuss the principles around behavior management, then show how behavior management relates to functional behavioral assessment, and then offer methods for developing effective funcational based interventions. KEY MARKET: General Inservice and Special Education teachers, school administrators, school psychologists and/or counselors, behavior specialists and other educational service agencies.

Table of contents

Chapter 1       A Functional Approach to Problem Behavior


PART I           Conducting the FBA


Chapter 2       Defining the Problem: Identifying the Target and Replacement Behavior

Chapter 3       Functional Behavioral Assessment: Interviews

Chapter 4       Functional Behavioral Assessment: Direct Observation

Chapter 5       Determining the Function of the Behavior: Using the Function Matrix


PART II          Developing and Testing the Intervention


Chapter 6       Intervention Method 1: Teaching the Replacement Behavior

Chapter 7       Intervention Method 2: Improve the Environment

Chapter 8       Intervention Method 3: Adjust the Contingencies

Chapter 9       Identifying an Appropriate Measurement System

Chapter 10     Testing the Intervention

Chapter 11     The Behavior Intervention Plan


PART III         Implementing the Intervention


Chapter 12     Factors that Affect Success: Social Validity, Treatment Integrity, and Generalization and Maintenance

Chapter 13     Monitoring the Intervention and Analyzing Outcomes


PART IV         Putting it All Together: From Problem Identification to Effective Intervention


Chapter 14     The Entire Process When Using Method 1: Teach the Replacement Behavior

Chapter 15     The Entire Process When Using Method 2: Improve the Enviroment

Chapter 16     The Entire Process When Using Method 3: Adjust the Contingencies


Conclusion...And Some Suggestions

Published by Pearson (April 4th 2006) - Copyright © 2007