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Future of Marketing, The: Strategies from 15 Leading Brands on How Authenticity, Relevance, and Transparency Will Help You Survive the Age of the Customer, 1st edition

  • Nicholas Johnson

Published by Pearson FT Press (June 11th 2015) - Copyright © 2015

1st edition

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Future of Marketing, The: Strategies from 15 Leading Brands on How Authenticity, Relevance, and Transparency Will Help You Survive the Age of the Customer

ISBN-13: 9780134084503

Includes: Hardcover
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Reinvent Marketing: Smarter, Faster, More Agile, More Customer-Driven!

Intelligent marketers see their roles changing at breakneck speed. The deeper questions are: Why? How? What’s next? And what should you do about it? In The Future of Marketing, Nick Johnson offers evidence-based answers to all these questions, backed by in-the-trenches insights from 15 world-class CMOs.

Marketing must be reinvented: Johnson presents expert guidance for doing that. No abstractions here: His up-to-the-minute case studies show how top marketing teams are solving tough problems, from multi-channel brand building to internal alignment. Through these cases, Johnson asks the right people the right questions—and gets out of the way!

With his help and theirs, you’ll learn how to benchmark where you actually stand…leverage storytelling to better engage your customers… optimize your mix of art and science in the age of Big Data… and rebuild your organization to deliver authenticity, relevance, and transparency. Whether you’re a CMO, strategist, or manager, Johnson delivers what your marketing organization needs most: a clear path forward.

Moving from the “4P’s” to “ART”
Delivering on your new customer contract: Authenticity, Relevance, and Transparency

Preparing for even more radical change
Getting your story right, getting leadership right, and getting your house in order

Maximizing engagement by integrating data, channels, and content
Growing your payoff from Big Data, content marketing, social platforms, and multichannel marketing

Building tomorrow’s winning marketing organization
Simplifying structures, optimizing skillsets, and organizing around customer experience

This “by marketers, for marketers” guide will help you anticipate and respond to non-stop changes in channels, media, organizations, technologies, markets, products, services—and most important of all—customers.

To support his recommendations, Johnson takes you behind the scenes with 15 world-class CMOs, from top companies like Bacardi, Aflac, Molson Coors, Randstad, Xerox, Land O’Lakes, and Keds. These winning marketers and their teams have learned how to flourish in a radically new world. They share actionable insights for your environment—and practical solutions for your toughest challenges.

Table of contents

Introduction     1
    Who Is It For?     2
    Research and Development     4
    A Note on Contributors     5

Chapter 1  The 4 P’s Are Passe     11

Power Has Changed Hands     12
How Has the Brand/Customer Relationship Changed?    15
    A Brief History of Online Marketing     15
    A Free Loudspeaker for All!    17
New Competitors + More Noise = Need for Relevance     18
    Noise Levels Are Increasing     19
    Digital Has Changed the Game Marketers and Consumers Are Playing     20
How Has the Changing Media Landscape Changed the Marketer’s Role?    21
    How Media Disruption Has Impacted Marketers     23
    A Fragmented, “Transmedia” Landscape     25
    Things Are a Lot Harder Than They Were Back in the 1990s     28
    It’s Not All Bad...    29
How Does the “Flood” of Customer Data Impact the Marketer’s Role?    29
    From Art to Science     30
    More Data = More Accountability     31
The Democratization of Your Brand     32
    Your Customers Have More Choice and Power     33
    Backstory Is More Important Than Tagline     34
    The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis     34
    Brand Is a Conversation Between Companies and Their Customers     35
Not Everything Has Changed: The Fundamentals Remain the Same     37
    ART Means Major Changes Must Be Made     41
The New Customer Contract: Authenticity, Relevance, and Transparency     41
    The New Customer Contract: Authenticity     42
    The New Customer Contract: Relevance     44
    The New Customer Contract: Transparency     45
How ART Will Impact the Future of Marketing     46
Endnotes     48
Chapter 2  What Is a Customer Journey, and Why Does It Matter?    53
The Customer Journey Means Expanded Roles     56
Endnotes     56

Chapter 3  How Are Companies Doing Right Now?    61

The Marketer’s Expanding Role: Confusion on Next Steps     62
Internal Structures Are Beginning to Change     62
Collaboration Is Key     63
    Departure Lounge     66
Marketing Is Under Pressure to Increase Speed     68
    1. Customers Expect Responses to Queries Far More Quickly     68
    2. Customers Reward Marketing Campaigns That Are Closely Linked to Developments in the World Around Them     70
    3. New Platforms Reach Maturity (and Huge User Bases) More Quickly Than Ever     70
    4. Data and New Measurement Methodologies Quickly Give Marketers Usable Insight into Campaign Success&

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