GIS for Ecology: An Introduction, 1st edition

  • Richard Wadsworth
  • Jo Treweek

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Ecologists concerned with the spacial aspects of ecology are becoming increasing aware of the possibilities the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) may offer for new research and environmental management applications, but may be dicouraged from using them because of problems with understanding the technology and associated jargon.

GIS for Ecology: An Introduction provides a straightforward guide to GIS aimed at students and researchers in ecology and environmental sciences. Based on author's experiences, it introduces fundamental principles of GIS with particular emphasis on data aquisition, handling and analysis.

Table of contents

1. Geographic Information Systems, Ecology and the Environment
2. Thinking Spatially - Space, Place and Time
3. Getting your Project Started
4. Sources of Data
5. Getting to Grips eith GIS
6. Visualisation and Communication
7. Applications in Ecology
Glossary of Terms

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Published by Pearson (October 26th 1998) - Copyright © 1999