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Fast track your career in cloud computing with the test prep and training required to become a certified Associate Cloud Engineer. This video-based course, led by cloud and security expert Michael Shannon, provides all the study tools and practice exams you’ll need to prepare for the Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer  exam. You’ll also get hands-on labs and lessons designed to build sought-after skills, including how to deploy, monitor, and maintain cloud projects on Google Cloud Platform.

Who should take this course

Skill level | Beginner

  • Anyone planning to take the exam to become a Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer
  • Anyone looking to demonstrate sought-after skills, such as working with public clouds and on-premises solutions
  • Anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform computing engineering

This  self-paced  training product does not require any prior knowledge  of cloud engineering, but six months or more of Google Cloud experience is recommended, as well as  a  basic knowledge of networking and information technology.

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Course includes

  • 7+ hours of expert-led training videos to help you prepare to pass the Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam
  • Hands-on labs to simulate real-world experience with Google Cloud Platform
  • Lesson quizzes and flashcards to let you assess your progress as you work through the course at your own pace
  • Four complete practice tests to fully prepare you for the Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer  exam
  • 1 year of access*

What you'll learn

This Pearson IT Training Course covers  all of the objectives on the Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam, including but not limited to:

  • Setting up a cloud solution environment, including projects and accounts
  • Managing billing configuration
  • Installing and configuring  Command  Line  Interface
  • Planning and configuring  a  cloud solution  (e.g.,  compute and storage)
  • Deploying and implementing compute  (including Google Kubernetes Engine), database, storage, and networking  services
  • Using GCP Deployment Manager
  • Monitoring and logging to maximize the success of a cloud solution
  • Managing Identity and Access Management (IAM)

*Retake guarantee

Retake guaranteeDidn't pass your certification exam on your first try? We'll give you six months of additional access at no cost.

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Pearson IT Training Courses are complete and affordable packages of expert-led, self-paced courses designed to help you stand out with in-demand skills that take your career to the next level.  

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Course expert

  • Michael J. Shannon - Author, cloud and security expert, and technical instructor


    Michael J. Shannon possesses years of IT experience, numerous publications under his belt, and a wealth of expertise teaching in the field. Throughout his 30 years in IT, he has worked as an employee, contractor, and consultant for several companies including Platinum Technologies, Fujitsu, IBM, State Farm, and MindSharp, among others. Mr. Shannon has authored several books, training manuals, published articles, and CBT modules over the years as well. He has attained the CCNP Security, CISSP, ITIL Intermediate SO and RCV, and Security+ certifications in the security field. He is a technical instructor for Skillsoft Corp. specializing in all things security.

Course outline

  • Introduction
  • Module introduction
  • Lesson 1: Getting Familiar with Virtualization
    • Learning Objectives
    • Virtualization Defined
    • Type 1 Hypervisors
    • Type 2 Hypervisors
    • Lesson 1: Flashcards
    • Lesson 1: Quiz
  • Lesson 2: Understanding Cloud Computing
    • Learning Objectives
    • Cloud Service Types
    • Cloud Deployment Types
    • Lesson 2: Flashcards
    • Lesson 2: Quiz
  • Lesson 3: Introducing Google Cloud Platform Services
    • Learning Objectives
    • Computing and Hosting Services
    • Storage Services
    • Networking Services
    • Big Data Services
    • Machine Learning Services
    • Lesson 3: Flashcards
    • Lesson 3: Quiz
  • Module introduction
  • Lesson 4: Setting up Cloud Projects and Accounts
    • Learning Objectives
    • Introducing Projects and Accounts
    • Creating Projects
    • Enabling APIs within Projects
    • Linking Users to G Suite Identities
    • Lesson 4: Flashcards
    • Lesson 4: Quiz
  • Lesson 5: Managing Billing Configuration
    • Learning Objectives
    • Introducing Billing Concepts
    • Creating a Billing Account
    • Establishing Billing Budgets, Alerts, and Exports
    • Lesson 5: Flashcards
    • Lesson 5: Quiz
  • Lesson 6: Installing and Configuring the Command Line Interface
    • Learning Objectives
    • Setting up the GCloud CLI
    • Getting Started with GCloud CLI
    • Lesson 6: Flashcards
    • Lesson 6: Quiz
  • Module introduction
  • Lesson 7: Planning and Configuring Compute and Storage
    • Learning objectives
    • Planning and Estimating Best Practices
    • Estimating with the Pricing Calculator
    • Selecting Appropriate Compute Choices
    • Planning Data Storage Options
    • Configuring Storage Options
    • Lesson 7: Flashcards
    • Lesson 7: Quiz
  • Module introduction
  • Lesson 8: Deploying and Implementing Compute Services
    • Learning Objectives
    • Deploying and Implementing Compute Engine
    • Deploying and Implementing Kubernetes Engine–Part 1
    • Deploying and Implementing Kubernetes Engine–Part 2
    • Deploying and Implementing App Engine and Cloud Functions–Part 1
    • Deploying and Implementing App Engine and Cloud Functions–Part 2
    • Lesson 8: Flashcards
    • Lesson 8: Quiz
  • Lesson 9: Deploying and Implementing Database and Storage Services
    • Learning Objectives
    • Initializing Data Systems with Cloud SQL
    • Initializing Data Systems with Cloud Datastore
    • Initializing Data Systems with Cloud Storage
    • Initializing Data Systems with Big Query
    • Initializing Data Systems with Cloud Spanner
    • Initializing Data Systems with Cloud Pub/Sub
    • Initializing Data Systems with Cloud Bigtable
    • Initializing Data Systems with Cloud Dataproc
    • Lesson 9: Flashcards
    • Lesson 9: Quiz
  • Lesson 10: Deploying and Implementing Networking Services
    • Learning Objectives
    • Creating a VPC with Subnets
    • Creating Firewall Rules for a VPC
    • Testing Network Latency and Performance
    • Creating a Virtual Private Network–Part 1
    • Creating a Virtual Private Network–Part 2
    • Examining Dynamic Routes
    • Comparing and Creating Load Balancers
    • Setting Up a Private Kubernetes Cluster
    • Lesson 10: Flashcards
    • Lesson 10: Quiz
  • Lesson 11: Using GCP Deployment Manager
    • Learning Objectives
    • Developing Deployment Manager Templates
    • Launching a Deployment Manager Template
    • Lesson 11: Flashcards
    • Lesson 11: Quiz
  • Module introduction
  • Lesson 12: Monitoring and Logging
    • Learning Objectives
    • Monitoring Multiple Projects with Stackdriver
    • Monitoring and Logging for Cloud Functions
    • Kubernetes Monitoring with Stackdriver
    • Lesson 12: Flashcards
    • Lesson 12: Quiz
  • Lesson 13: Managing Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Learning Objectives
    • Assigning IAM Roles to Accounts and Google Groups
    • Defining Custom IAM Roles
    • Configuring Roles in the Console
    • Lesson 13: Flashcards
    • Lesson 13: Quiz
  • Summary
  • Register for your exam
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  • Video-based lessons (7+ hours)
  • Interactive lab exercises
  • Self-study quizzes
  • Practice tests
  • 1-year access

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Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Training Course