Health In Australia, 1st edition

  • Carol Grbich

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  • A combination of important standard topics supplemented with the introduction of newer debates about the emotions and the body.
  • Focused presentation of the material in each chapter in spite of the multiple author team and the heterogeneous content.
  • Clear and accessible writing suitable for first year students.
  • Use of case study in Chapter 2 to exemplify various theoretical perspectives.
  • Relevant subheadings that flag the flow of information.
  • Key terms appear bold in the text and for ease of reference are listed at the end of the chapter, and defined in the glossary.
  • Questions suitable for tutorials or private discussion.
  • Summaries.
  • Further reading section.
  • Glossary.

Table of contents

I: Conceptual Frameworks.

 1. Approaches to Health, Carol Grbich.

 2. Theoretical Perspectives in Health Sociology, Carol Grbich.

 3. The Social Origins of Illness and the Development of the Sociology of Health, Kevin White.

II: Experiences of Health.

 4. Aboriginal Wellbeing, Ian Anderson.

 5. Health for All? The Gendered Construction of Health and Health Care Practices, Julianne Cheek & Trudy Rudge.

 6. Migrant Health, Roberta Julian & Gary Easthope.

 7. Older Age and Health, Claudia Knappman.

 8. Class and Health, Neil Burdess.

III: Issues in Health Delivery.

 9. Losing Patients: Health Care Consumers, Power and Socio-Cultural Change, Rob Irvine.

10. Medical Dominance and the Division of Labour in the Health Professions, Michael Wearing.

11. Medical Technology, Fran Collyer.

12. Emotion Work, Winston Small.

13. Body Work, Claire Brown.

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