Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education: A Biographical Introduction, 5th edition

  • Gerald L. Gutek

Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education: A Biographical Introduction

ISBN-13:  9780137152735

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Structured around major movements in world history, the lives of leading educators, and the philosophies and ideologies that resulted from their ideas, Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education: A Biographical Introduction, Fifth Edition provides a clear interdisciplinary exploration of the development of educational ideas. The author takes a global perspective on the history and philosophy of education, capturing the essence of educational evolution through the biographies of 23 theorists, philosophers, and educators. This biographical focus, combined with an introductory presentation of the inherent connections between education's major movements and its primary movers, helps students better understand the social and historical conditions that have informed today's educational arena.

Table of contents

Part I
CHAPTER 1 Educational Biography and the Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education    
CHAPTER 2 Confucius: Proponent of Educating for a Harmonious Society    
CHAPTER 3 Plato: Idealist Philosopher and Educator for the Perfect Society    
CHAPTER 4 Aristotle: Founder of Realism    
CHAPTER 5 Quintilian: Rhetorical Educator in Service of the Emperor    
Part II
CHAPTER 6 Thomas Aquinas: Scholastic Theologian and Creator of the Medieval Christian Synthesis    
CHAPTER 7 Desiderius Erasmus: Renaissance Humanist and Cosmopolitan Educator    
CHAPTER 8 John Calvin: Theologian and Educator of the Protestant Reformation    
CHAPTER 9 Johann Amos Comenius: Pansophist Educator and Proponent of International Education    
Part III
CHAPTER 10  Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Prophet of Naturalism   
CHAPTER 11  Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi: Proponent of Educating the Heart and the Senses    
CHAPTER 12  Thomas Jefferson: Advocate of Republican Education    
CHAPTER 13  Mary Wollstonecraft: Proponent of Women’s Rights and Education   
CHAPTER 14 Horace Mann: Leader of the Common School Movement    
CHAPTER 15  Robert Owen: Utopian Theorist and Communitarian Educator    
CHAPTER 16  Friedrich Froebel: Founder of the Kindergarten    
CHAPTER 17  John Stuart Mill: Proponent of Liberalism    
CHAPTER 18 Herbert Spencer: Advocate of Individualism, Science, and Social Darwinism    
Part IV
CHAPTER 19  Jane Addams: Advcate of Socialized Education    
CHAPTER 20  John Dewey: Pragmatist Philosopher and Progressive Educator    
CHAPTER 21  Maria Montessori: Proponent of Early Childhood Education   
CHAPTER 22  Mohandas Gandhi: Father of Indian Independence    
CHAPTER 23  W. E. B. Du Bois: Scholar and Activist for African American Rights    
CHAPTER 24  Paulo Freire: Advocate of Liberation Pedagogy    

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