How to Design & Deliver Speeches, 8th edition

  • Leon Fletcher

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How to Design & Deliver Speeches uses a variety of interactive tools with clear step-by-step instructions to help students actively overcome apprehension and feel confident in speech presentation. Rather than just describing what to do, this highly practical, perforated workbook text gets students practicing skills through exercises, checklists, self-tests and evaluation forms. Seventeen lessons with measurable objectives give students the tools they need to assess their own progress and insure that they are creating successful speeches. The structure of the text frees up more instructor time as well, enabling them to spend more time working with students individually.

New to the 8th Edition:

  • Provides expanded coverage of using new technologies in public speaking to ensure that students are well informed about all the tools they can use to prepare and deliver effective speeches.
  • Adds a complete chapter (Lesson 13) on aids, such as presentation software, multimedia, and computer-generated graphics as well as more traditional materials, , providing students with key information about how to create and use aids to visually illustrate key points in their speeches.
  • Updates Lesson 15 on persuading to include a new section on credibility and on logical and emotional appeals.
  • Includes new information on Internet research and evaluating Internet sources to better prepare students for this widely-used research source (Lesson 7, “Selecting Data”).

Table of contents


Lesson 1. Controlling Nervousness.

Lesson 2. Designing Speeches.

Lesson 3. Delivering Speeches.

Lesson 4. Preparing to Speak.

Lesson 5. Analyzing the Speaking Situation.

Lesson 6. Pinpointing Speech Purposes.

Lesson 7. Selecting Data.

Lesson 8. Outlining Speeches.

Lesson 9. Polishing Delivery.

Lesson 10. Designing Discussions.

Lesson 11. Designing Introductions.

Lesson 12. Designing Conclusions.

Lesson 13. Using Aids.

Lesson 14. Informing.

Lesson 15. Persuading.

Lesson 16. Entertaining.

Lesson 17. Speaking Impromptu.

Afterward. “And So, In Conclusion...”

Appendix A: Diagnosis Folder.

Appendix B: Designing Speeches on Your Computer.

Appendix C: Out-of-Class Speeches and Final Exam.

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