Human Resources Administration in Education, 10th edition

  • Ronald W. Rebore


The widely popular Human Resources Administration in Education gives students a comprehensive, user-friendly look at human resource admin fundamentals. It presents HR within the context of public school districts; covers the eight essential dimensions of the HR function: planning, recruitment, selection, placement and induction, staff development, performance evaluation, compensation, and collective negotiations; and looks at the legal, ethical, and policy aspects of HR administration.

The 10th Edition incorporates the language of technology throughout, includes more stories and personal examples, poses reflective questions on the focus scenarios, includes a section on value-added performance evaluation and information on win-win collective negotiations, and more.

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Table of contents

1 Organizational Dimensions  

2 Human Resources Planning  

3 Recruitment  

4 Selection  

5 Placement and Induction  

6 Staff Development  

7 Performance Evaluation  

8 Compensation  

9 Collective Negotiations  

10 Legal, Ethical, and Policy Issues in the Administration of Human Resources  

Published by Pearson (March 17th 2014) - Copyright © 2015