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Human Resources Administration: Personnel Issues and Needs in Education, 6th edition

  • L Dean Webb
  • M Scott Norton

Published by Pearson (July 27th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

6th edition

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For students, human resources administrators, educational administrators, professional educators, policy makers, social scientists, and the interested public


A strong research base, principles relevant to all school systems and states, and actual illustrations and examples from real school districts combine in this incisive look at the challenges and issues shaping public education and human resources in the U.S. today.


The new edition of this widely respected book looks at the major challenges and issues shaping public education and human resources administration in the U.S. today. The focus is on the crucial importance of personnel—and consequently the human resources administration—in the achievement of educational goals and objectives. The book’s 10 chapters address all of the traditional topics in human resources administration, along with the most current concerns in the field.


Readers are encouraged to explore this new edition to become familiar with relevant laws and policies, to learn the appropriate applications of computer technology, and to develop and use successful collective negotiation strategies. Further, the book helps human resources practitioners develop integrated planning processes and communication systems, while fostering a relationship of mutual respect and cooperation among the staff, the administration, and the school board.

Table of contents

PART I HUMAN RESOURCES ADMINISTRATION                                                            

Chapter 1 The Human Resources Function: Its Organization and Processes        

Chapter 2 Strategic Human Resources Planning                                                        



Chapter 3 Recruitment                                                                                                  

Chapter 4  Selection                                                                                                        

Chapter 5 Placement and Induction                                                                             

Chapter 6 Motivation and Staff Development                                                             

Chapter 7 Performance Evaluation                                                                               

Chapter 8 The Compensation Process                                                                        

Chapter 9 Collective Bargaining                                                                                     

Chapter 10 Legal Aspects of Human Resources Administration                             




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