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Human Resources Law, 5th edition

  • John Remington
  • Richard T. Heiser
  • Cyrus Smythe
  • Kenneth Sovereign

Published by Pearson (March 3rd 2011) - Copyright © 2012

5th edition

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Human Resources Law (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780132997454

Includes: eBook
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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Human Resources and the Law
Chapter 2: Discriminatory Conduct
Chapter 3: Fair Employment Practices
Chapter 4: Disability, Medical Leave, Religious Accommodation, and Substance Abuse Issues
Chapter 5: Compensation Directives
Chapter 6: Occupational Health and Safety Law
Chapter 7: Employee Information and Communication Mandates
Chapter 8: Collective Bargaining in the Private Sector
Chapter 9: Public-Sector Labor Relations
Chapter 10: Avoiding Termination Litigation
Chapter 11: Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 12: Human Resource Issues in the Twenty-First Century 

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