Human Resources Management in Canada, Fourteenth Canadian Edition, 14th edition

  • Gary Dessler
  • Nita Chhinzer

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The fourteenth edition of Human Resources Management in Canada demonstrates how human resources are among the most important assets in organizations today. This course is designed to provide a complete, comprehensive review of human resources management (HRM) concepts and techniques in a highly readable and understandable form for a wide audience:students specializing in HRM,  students in business programs, adult learners in supervisory or managerial roles, and existing or future small-business owners. Accordingly, this course exposes readers to both a breadth and depth of core issues,  processes,  and strategies aimed at maximizing how the human resources of the organization contribute to organizational success. The strategic importance ofHRM activities is emphasized throughout the course by using recent examples from the Canadian employment landscape.

The Canadian fourteenth edition provides extensive coverage of all HRM topics, such as job analysis, HR planning, recruitment, selection, orientation and training, career development, compensation and benefits, performance appraisal, health and safety, and labour relations. The scientific, evidence based and academic contributions to the world of human resources are embedded throughout the book, blending updates from academic journals with practical discussion of HRM.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 The Strategic Role of Human Resources Management 
Chapter 2 The Changing Legal Emphasis: Compliance and Impact on Canadian Workplaces 
Chapter 3 Human Resources Management and Technology 
Chapter 4 Designing and Analyzing Jobs 
Chapter 5 Human Resources Planning 
Chapter 6 Recruitment 
Chapter 7 Selection  
Chapter 8 Onboarding and Training 
Chapter 9 Career and Management Development 
Chapter 10 Performance Management
Chapter 11 Strategic Pay Plans 
Chapter 12 Pay-for-Performance and Financial Incentives
Chapter 13 Employee Benefits and Services 
Chapter 14 Occupational Health and Safety 
Chapter 15 Managing Employee Separations: Turnover, Communication, and Employee Engagement 
Chapter 16 Labour Relations 
Chapter 17 Managing Human Resources in a Global Business

Published by Pearson Canada (June 4th 2019) - Copyright © 2020