Information Systems Today: Managing the Digital World, 9th edition

  • Joseph S Valacich
  • Christoph Schneider


A modern, case study-based exploration of Management Information Systems  
Information Systems Today: Managing in the Digital World opens each chapter with a case study so you can quickly understand how and why information systems are essential in today’s evolving business landscape. The authors selected cases that highlight real-world companies, technologies, and issues that illuminate the chapter topics. Aligning major concepts with the latest trends, the 9th Edition expands its exploration of the ways digital density and the API economy, mobile and cloud computing, social media, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things affect information systems. 

Table of contents

  1. Managing in the Digital World
  2. Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Information Systems
  3. Managing the Information Systems Infrastructure and Services 
  4. Enabling Business-to-Consumer Electronic Commerce 
  5. Enhancing Organizational Communication and Collaboration Using Social Media 
  6. Enhancing Business Intelligence Using Big Data and Analytics 
  7. Enhancing Business Processes Using Enterprise Information Systems 
  8. Strengthening Business-to-Business Relationships via Supply Chain and Customer Relationship Management
  9. Developing and Acquiring Information Systems 
  10. Securing Information Systems  

Technology Briefing Foundations of Information Systems Infrastructure 

Published by Pearson (June 1st 2021) - Copyright © 2022