Introduction to Law, 5th edition

  • Joanne B. Hames
  • Yvonne Ekern


Introduction to Law, Fifth Edition, teaches students the basic legal concepts related to substantive and procedural law, introduces them to cases, statutes, and the constitution, and develops their legal vocabulary and analytical skills. The text’s teaching and learning package includes an Instructor’s Manual, PowerPoint Slides, and Test Bank, as well as study resources for students through a companion website.


Teaching and Learning Experience:

  • Provides an overview of the legal system, an introduction to substantive and procedural law, and the opportunity to develop a strong legal vocabulary, while keeping students’ interest
  • Explains the application of legal principles through the inclusion of interesting cases and the wide use of common hypothetical cases
  • Helps students build analytical and critical thinking skills through thought-provoking exercises, assignments, and features

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Law
2. The U.S. Legal System
3. The Courts and Legal Personnel
4. Finding the Law: Legal Research
5. Using the Law: Analysis and Legal Writing

6. Constitutional Law
7. Tort Law
8. Family Law
9. Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts, and Probate
10. Contract and Property Law
11. The Law of Agency, Business Organizations, and Bankruptcy
12. Civil Procedure Before Trial
13. Alternative Dispute Resolution
14. Criminal Practice: Criminal Law and Juvenile Law
15. Criminal Procedure Before Trial
16. Rules of Evidence
17. The Trial

Appendix I: The United States Constitution
Appendix II: Law-Related Careers, the Paralegal Profession, and the Law Office
Appendix III: Mock Trial
Appendix IV: Basic Legal Citation Reference Guide
Appendix V: Ass'n for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc
Appendix VI: Federal Rules of Evidence
Appendix VII: Supplemental Court Decisions
Appendix VIII: Creating Research Strategies

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