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Introduction to Private Security: Theory Meets Practice, 1st edition

  • Cliff Roberson
  • Michael Birzer

Published by Pearson (December 31st 2008) - Copyright © 2010

1st edition

Introduction to Private Security: Theory Meets Practice

ISBN-13: 9780205592401

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  • Paperback

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Introduction to Private Security covers the current state of private security and security management while engaging students with practical real world examples from case law, regulations, and organizations ot bring the material home.


"This book is written in a voice that speaks to people in the criminal justice field.  By putting concepts into a real world frame work students will be more likely to retain the information presented....  This book is truly an Introduction to Security."

                                            -Joseph LeFever, University of Wisconsin - Platteville


"This book presents a good overview of the history of the profession with a look to the future of private security which is a pivotal part of the criminal justice professions.  The practical applications that are presented are very useful to apply the knowledge gained from the text. "

                                          -Marie Hansen, Husson College


Table of contents

1.      Introduction to Private Security

2.      Security, Crime and the Physical Environment

3.      Private Security and the Community Policing Connection

4.      Security Management

5.      Retail Business Security

6.      Terrorism and Natural Disasters

7.      Investigating Crime

8.      Computer Network Security

9.      Criminal Issues in Private Security

10.  Civil Liability Issues in Private Security

11.  Testifying in Court

12.  Recruiting, Selecting, and Training Security Personnel

13.  Drug and Alcohol Issues for Private Security

14.  Ethical Issues in Private Security

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