Introduction to Quantitative Genetics, 4th edition

  • Trudy FC Mackay
  • Douglas S Falconer

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The lastest edition of this classic text continues to provide the basis for understanding the genetic principles behind quantitative differences in phenotypes and how they apply to animal and plant improvement and evolution. It extends these concepts to the segregation of genes that cause genetic variation in quantitative traits. Key techniques and methods are also covered.

Table of contents

  1. Genetics Constitution of a Population
  2. Changes of Gene Frequency
  3. Small Populations: I Changes of Gene Frequency Under Simplified Conditions
  4. Small Populations: II Less Simplified Conditions
  5. Small Populations: III Pedigreed Populations and Close Inbreeding
  6. Continuous Variation
  7. Values and Means
  8. Variance
  9. Resemblance Between Relatives
  10. Heritability
  11. Selection: I The Results of Experiments
  12. Selection: III Information from Relatives
  13. Inbreeding and Crossbreeding: I Changes of Mean Value
  14. Inbreeding and Crossbreeding: II Changes of Variance
  15. Inbreeding and Crossbreeding: III Applications
  16. Scale
  17. Threshold Characters
  18. Correlated Characters
  19. Metric Characters under Natural Selection
  20. Quantitative Trait Loci

Published by Pearson (December 5th 1995) - Copyright © 1996