Introduction to the Canadian Legal System, 1st edition

  • Sasha Baglay

Introduction to the Canadian Legal System, (Subscription)

ISBN-13:  9780133437829


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Introduction to the Canadian Legal System goes beyond the mere outline of the basics and seeks to help students challenge and question legal rules. It includes a variety of case studies that exemplify the workings of the law and help students see the connections between the discussed rules and real life.

Table of contents



Brief Table of Contents

Detailed Table of Contents


Part 1 Introduction to law

Chapter 1 What is Law?

Chapter 2 Systems and Sources of Law

Chapter 3 The Structure of Canadian Government

Chapter 4 Canada’s Courts

Chapter 5 Theoretical Perspectives on the Law

Chapter 6 The Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms


Part 2 Selected areas of law and critical perspectives

Chapter 7 Administrative Law

Chapter 8 Criminal Law

Chapter 9 Contract Law

Chapter 10 Tort Law

Chapter 11 Family Law

Chapter 12 Human Rights in Canada




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