LAEP.Smith:The Poems of Andrew Ma_c, 1st edition

  • Nigel Smith

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Andrew Marvell (1621-78) produced a comparatively small but quite exceptional body of verse. Marvell was little known as a poet in his own time, and was best known as a patriotic politician and champion of religious toleration. Marvell¿s reputation as a perennially interesting poet has grown consistently over the last century, as readers have acclaimed not only his technical excellence, but also the appeal of his verse to a number of themes, such as poetry and politics, ecology and alternative sexualities.

This new edition presents an authoritative text of Marvell¿s poetry together with the fullest account yet published of matters of dating, publication, historical context, sources and critical reception, contained in a headnote for each poem. The annotations record in unprecedented detail word definitions, literary, philosophical and theological analogues and allusions, and address local points of interpretation, making use of the many hundreds of publications devoted to Marvell¿s life and works. Marvell¿s canon is reappraised: some poems considered dubious hitherto are added, and others excluded. Nigel Smith¿s edition is the first complete, annotated edition of Andrew Marvell¿s verse for thirty years and as such is an indispensable guide to the study of Marvell¿s poetry.

Nigel Smith is a Professor of English at Princeton University. He is the author of Perfection Proclaimed: Language and Literature in English Radical Religion, 1640-1660 (OUP, 1989) and Literature and Revolution in England, 1640-1660 (Yale UP, 1994).

Table of contents

Note by the General EditorsIntroductionAcknowledgementsList of IllustrationsAbbreviationsJournal AbbreviationsChronological Table of Marvell's Life and Chief PublicationsPoemsPoems Published in Print Before 1650Miscellaneous Poems (1681)The Mower PoemsAmbassador from the Protector to the Queen of SwedenThe Advice-to-a-Painter and Associated PoemsVerse Satires from the 1670sAppendicesBibliography of References CitedIndex of Titles and First Lines 

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