Land Restoration and Reclamation: Principles and Practice, 1st edition

  • James A Harris
  • James A Harris
  • John Palmer
  • John Palmer
  • Paul Birch
  • Paul Birch

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This concise yet comprehensive text provides a coherent and practical framework for the study and practice of land restoration and reclamation. It sets out the fundamental workings of the natural environment - terrestrial ecosystems, nutrient cycling and soil structure and gives an account of how these may be assessed, how they become degraded and the variety of processes available for reclamation and restoration; ranging from agro-forestry to the re-establishment of fully self-sustaining ecosystems.

Table of contents

Foreword by Andre F Clewell, President of the Society for Ecological Restoration, USA
Section 1: Causes of degradation and aims of restoration
1. Land as a resource
2. Assessment strategies
Section 2: Reclamation of Land
3. Green field sites
4. Former industrial sites
Section 3: Restoration of reclaimed land
5. Preparing the substrate for growth and reclamation to agro-forestry uses
6. The establishment and management of vegetation on restored sites
7. Why restorations fail
8. Conclusion

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Published by Pearson (June 21st 1996) - Copyright © 1996