Language and Literacy: Content and Teaching Strategies, Seventh Canadian Edition, 7th edition

  • Gail E. Tompkins
  • Robin M. Bright
  • Pamela J.T. Winsor

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Language Arts: Content and Teaching Strategies provides a useful resource to teachers as they face the complexities of literacy instruction in today’s classrooms. Both pre-service and in-service teachers will find this text a valuable addition to their professional libraries. 

For pre-service teachers who will work with students in kindergarten through grade 8 classrooms, this text offers a consistent model of instruction that will help them become knowledgeable about language learning and guide the many instructional decisions they will make. For experienced in-service teachers, this text provides a rich array of strategies and ideas that they can adapt to suit their personal instructional styles.

The seventh Canadian edition of Language Arts features updated Canadian research and Canadian content, including culturally diverse Canadian literature. This edition also offers pre-service and in-service teachers new ideas for differentiating instruction to meet the needs of every student.

Table of contents

Literacy in Action Chapter 1: Integrating Digital Photography and Life Writing in a Multimodal

Literacy Project

Chapter 1 Learning and the Language Arts 


Literacy in Action Chapter 2: Critical Thinking about Characters

Chapter 2 Teaching the Language Arts 


Literacy in Action Chapter 3: Reading and Writing Connections

Chapter 3 Emergent Literacy 


Literacy in Action Chapter 4: Literacy Is a Family Thing

Chapter 4 Listening and Speaking in the Classroom 


Literacy in Action Chapter 5: Non-Fiction Writing in Grade Three

Chapter 5 The Reading and Writing Processes 


Literacy in Action Chapter 6: Short Story Writing

Chapter 6 Reading and Writing Narrative Text 


Literacy in Action Chapter 7: Changing Information into Knowledge

Chapter 7 Reading and Writing Expository Text 


Literacy in Action Chapter 8: Integrating Technology into Performance Tasks

Chapter 8 Words, Their Meanings, and the Tools to Use Them: Grammar, Spelling,

Handwriting, and Word Processing


Literacy in Action Chapter 9: Writing Our Class Story

Chapter 9 Viewing and Visually Representing 


Literacy in Action Chapter 10: Integrated Learning: Creating Meaningful Connections between

Visual Art and Literature

Chapter 10 The Language Arts and the Fine Arts 


Literacy in Action Chapter 11: A Literacy Journey Around the Globe

Chapter 11 Putting It All Together


Appendix A Basic Grammar, Punctuation and Syntax

Appendix B Manuscript and Cursive Handwriting Forms 

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