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Legal Research, 1st edition

  • Kathryn E. Myers
Legal Research (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780133427394

Includes: eText

1st edition

Published by Pearson (August 12th 2013) - Copyright © 2014

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This complete guide to modern legal research offers a unique balance of traditional print research techniques with newer online methods. Throughout, LEGAL RESEARCH helps students fully understand the issues they are researching, so they can apply analytical thinking to achieve superior results. Students discover how laws are made, how to decide which law is applicable, how to read the law, how to search modern legal databases, and how to apply the law in a client's unique situation. The text offers insights for overcoming research obstacles, and provides many examples, figures, and reference checklists. Extensive pedagogical features include opening scenarios, lists of key terms, case excerpts, media and web resources, and many forms of practice, from Quick Check quizzes to detailed Research Assignments. The text also helps students link research to effective legal writing by presenting a full chapter on the writing process, from prewriting through proofreading.

Table of contents



Chapter 1    Introduction to Legal Research

Chapter 2    The Structure of Government and the Court System

Chapter 3    Understanding the Origins and Organizations of the Law

Chapter 4    Types of Law

Chapter 5    Legal Citation Form

Chapter 6    Citing Sources:  The Bluebook and ALWD

Chapter 7    Tools for Manual and Online Research 

Chapter 8    Main Secondary Authorities

Chapter 9    Finding Aids, Drafting Aids, and Miscellaneous Secondary Authorities

Chapter 10    Researching Enacted Law and Related Materials

Chapter 11    Researching the Common Law (Case Laws)

Chapter 12    The Administrative Agencies and Special Laws 

Chapter 13    Updating and Validating Research

Chapter 14    The Foundation of Writing



Appendix 1    Form documents, briefs, memoranda

Appendix 2    Non-legal citations

Appendix 3    Internet resources

Appendix 4    Glossary


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