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Literature and Gender, 1st edition

  • Elizabeth Primamore
  • Dolores DeLuise

Published by Pearson (December 21st 2010) - Copyright © 2011

1st edition

Literature and Gender

ISBN-13: 9780205744879

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  • Paperback

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This affordable, shorter anthology features a diverse selection of fiction, poetry, drama, and essays that focus on the theme of gender.


KEY BENEFIT:  Readers will have a greater understanding of gender-related topics that are often connected to issues of race, ethnicity, and class.


KEY TOPICS: Literature and Gender features contemporary as well as classic literature with a global perspective.  This literature is arranged under five primary themes: “Femininities,” “Masculinities,” “Sexualities;” “Ethnicities and Identities,” and “Roles of Women and Men in Society.” 


MARKET:  For anyone interested in this topic.

Table of contents


Table of Contents


I.    Femininities


1.      Women as Art

“The Oval Portrait,” Edgar Allen Poe, short story

“My Last Duchess,” Robert Browning, poem

“A Musical Instrument,” Elizabeth Barrett Browning, poem

“Their Last Visitor,” Young-ha Kim, short story


2.      Women as Artists

“Diving into the Wreck,” Adrienne Rich, poem

 “Sin Titulo,” Lois Griffith, poem

“A Girl,” Michael Field, poem

“Striving to be Selfish,” Ruthann Robson, creative non-fiction

“The Yellow Wallpaper,” Charlotte Perkins Gilman, short story


3.      The Body

Dryope, myth

“and all she ever wanted,” Angela Costa, poem

“The End of Summer,” Kimberly Gorall, creative non-fiction

Excerpt From Women Without Men, “Mahdokht,” Shahrnush Parsipur, fiction


4.      Women and Nature

Daphne, myth

“Sleeping Beauty,” fairy tale


5.      Girlhood

“Girl,” Jamaica Kincaid,  short story  

“Hangin’ Fire,” Audre Lorde, poem

“The Changeling,” Julia Ortiz Cofer, poem


II.   Masculinities


1.      Fatherhood

“Fathering,” Bharati Mukherjee, short story

The Father, August Strindberg, play

“Son of Mr. Green Jeans,” Dinty W. Moore, creative non-fiction

“My Son, My Executioner,” Donald Hall, poem

“All I Know About My Father,” Brett Rutherford, poem


2.      Boyhood

“Bar Mitzvah in Naples” From Return to Naples, Robert Zweig, creative non-fiction

“Accident, June 1948,” Seamus Deane, creative non-fiction 

“Paul’s Case,” Willa Cather, short story


3.      Male Identities

“Source of Comfort” From Triple Exposure:  Black, Jewish, and Red in the 1950s,

Dexter Jeffries, creative non-fiction

“Veterans’ Dance,” Jim Northrup, short story

“Metrosexuals: Male Vanity Steps Out of the Closet,” Mark Simpson, essay

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