Marketing: An Analytical Perspective, 1st edition

  • Peter Mudie

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This book offers the practical step-by-step guidance and information marketing professionals need to do the job effectively.KEY TOPICS:This is a detailed introduction to the practical side of marketing that professionals must deal with every day. Learn how to analyze markets, evaluate direct mail campaigns, and review sales force performance. The book covers customer satisfaction, loyalty and corporate image issues; quality, design, pricing, promotion, media planning, customer care, and the legal aspects of marketing. Worked calculations and sample survey data show the marketing professional how to take advantage of techniques from statistics, economics, accounting and behavioral science.MARKET:This book will be valuable to all marketing professionals and students.

Table of contents

  1. Consumer Perspectives xxx; Satisfaction, Loyalty and Corporate Image.
  2. Market Analysis.
  3. Financial Aspects of Marketing.
  4. Quality and Design.
  5. Pricing.
  6. Promotion $mdash; Sales Force Evaluation, Media Planning and Direct Marketing.
  7. Customer Service and Care.
  8. Retailing.
  9. Legal Aspects of Marketing.
  10. Data Presentation.

Published by Pearson (May 18th 1997) - Copyright © 1997