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Meaningful Assessments of the Young Child: Celebrating Development and Learning, 3rd edition

  • Margaret B. Puckett
  • Janet K. Black

Published by Pearson (February 28th 2007) - Copyright © 2008

3rd edition


Puckett & Black Meaningful Assessments of Young Children, 3e


Based on the premise that curriculum, assessment, and teaching are inextricably intertwined, this text is designed to help prospective teachers of young children conduct informal and formal assessments and develop an assessment system that draws information from various assessment sources. By doing so, complimentary and comprehensive assessment information is rendered and informs educators, learners, parents, and accountability requirements. The text emphasizes an assessment mindset that comprehensive, reliable, and valid assessment data pave the way for meaningful, relevant, and engaging learning opportunities for children. 


Highlights of this text:

  • This re-conceptualized edition explains today’s assessment realities and supports teachers’ efforts to balance them with the unique way that young children exhibit understanding.
  • Emphasis is on developmentally appropriate, authentic assessments
  • Separate chapters on informal and formal assessments
  • Focuses on how to use measures such as checklists, rating scales, anecdotal records, rubrics, and when and how screening tests and standardized tests are used.
  • Expanded discussion on the multi-dimensional aspects of readiness
  • Expanded content on assessing children who are immigrants or English language learners
  • Includes a chapter on documentation and portfolios
  • Discusses the importance of program evaluation as a necessary component of a meaningful assessment system

Table of contents

PART I            Overview of Meaningful Assessments of Young Children


Chapter 1        Assessment of Young Children: Striving for Meaningful Practices

Chapter 2        The Big Picture: Development, Diversity, and Standards


PART II           Components of a Meaningful Assessment System


Chapter 3        A Planning Format for Meaningful Assessment I: Formal Assessments of Young Children

Chapter 4        A Planning Format for Meaningful Assessment II: Informal Assessments of Young Children

Chapter 5        Portfolio Development and Assessment

Chapter 6        Collaborating with Young Children to Promote Their Self-Assessment and Learning

Chapter 7        Collaborating with Families to Promote Meaningful Assessments


PART III          Completing the Picture: Shared Responsibilities for Child Outcomes


Chapter 8        Making Readiness Assessment Meaningful

Chapter 9        Program Evaluation: An Essential Component of a Meaningful Early Childhood Assessment System


Appendixes A-G

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