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Methods: Doing Social Research, 4th edition

  • Norine Verberg
  • Winston Jackson
Methods: Doing Social Research

ISBN-13:  9780131879256


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In this thoroughly updated new edition of one of the few Canadian research methods texts published for undergraduate courses, sufficient information is provided to give students an inclusive, generous view of the full range of social science approaches and research designs, both quantitative and qualitative.

Table of contents



Part One:        Preliminaries

Chapter 1             Approaches to Methods

Chapter 2             Explaining


Part Two:        Alternate Research Design

Chapter 3             Experiments, Quasi-Experiments, and Field Observations

Chapter 4             Survey Designs

Chapter 5             Non-Reactive and Comparative Research

Chapter 6             Qualitative Research Methods

Chapter 7             Critical Approaches to Research: Action and Feminist Research


Part Three:     Statistics

Chapter 8             A Statistics Primer

Chapter 9             Three Tests of Significance


Part Four:       Beginning the Project

Chapter 10           Bias

Chapter 11           Ethical Issues

Chapter 12           Getting the Project Started

Chapter 13           Measurement

Chapter 14           Questionnaire Development

Chapter 15           Sampling and Sample Size


Part Five:        Data Analysis

Chapter 16           Starting the Data Analysis

Chapter 17           Basic Multivariate Techniques

Chapter 18           The Research Report


Part Six:         Appendices

Appendix A          Using SPSS for Windows

Appendix B          Pineo and Porter’s Canadian Occupational Prestige Index

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