• Robert Pindyck
  • Daniel Rubinfeld

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KEY BENEFIT: Written by two of the most distinguished authors in the field, the third edition of this popular and highly acclaimed book continues to present microeconomic theory in an accessible manner. Conveying the very latest developments in the field through lucid exposition and always with a minimum of mathematics, this book is now full-color and has numerous graphs and illustrations to make it clear, current, and engaging. KEY TOPICS: Featuring examples of business and pubic policy applications in each chapter, it demonstrates theory at work in real companies, industry, and government. Contains coverage of new topics that have come to have a central role in microeconomics in recent years such as: game theory, competitive strategy, roles of uncertainty, information, and analysis of pricing by firms with market power. New material has been added including Hicksian substitution effects and an analysis of recycling. Offers thorough coverage of core microeconomic theory without excessive technical jargon, derivations or mathematical detail.

Published by Pearson (August 23rd 1994) - Copyright © 1995