Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Certified Edition, 1st edition

  • Tim Duffy

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Before starting the keystrokes of a project, Duffy takes more time to explain the significance of what students are about to do and learn. This conceptual approach builds computer skills and encourages critical thinking. KEY TOPICS: After completing the projects in these books, readers will be prepared to take the core Microsoft Certification exams for Word 2000, Excel 2000, Access 2000, PowerPoint 2000, Outlook 2000, and FrontPage 2000. Successful completion of these exams gives readers measurable, marketable skills. MARKET: For anyone interested in learning Microsoft Office 2000.

Table of contents


1. Introduction/Overview of Windows 98.

2. More on Windows.

3. Manipulating Documents and Folders.


1. Introduction to the Internet.

2. Outlook 2000.

3. Building a Web Page.


1. Using Common Document-Related Commands.

2. More Common Office Commands.

WORD 2000.

1. Introduction to Microsoft Word 2000 for Windows.

2. More Elementary Features of Word.

3. Word's Document Accent Feature.

4. Advanced Document Features of Word.

5. Word's Productivity Tools.

EXCEL 2000.

1. Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2000 for Windows.

2. Reinforcing Basic Excel Document Concepts.

3. Enhancing Your Worksheet.

4. Creating and Modifying Charts.

5. Exploring Some Advanced Excel Features.

ACCESS 2000.

1. Introduction to Databases and Access 2000.

2. Manipulating and Sorting Tables.

3. Relating Tables, Modifying Table Structures, and Generating Reports.

4. Creating Queries and Forms.

5. Advanced Access 2000 Features.


1. Introduction to PowerPoint 2000.

2. More on Views and Graphics.

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