Miranda: The Craft Of Functional Programming, 1st edition

  • S Thompson

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This book introduces Miranda at a level appropriate for professionals with little or no prior experience in programming. The emphasis is on the process of crafting programs, solving problems, and avoiding common errors. Using a large number of running examples and case studies, the book encourages the design of well structured, reusable software together with proofs of correctness. A tear-out card enables readers to acquire a Miranda compiler from Research Software Ltd. at a substantial discount off the published list price.

Table of contents

Part I: Basic Functional Programming
Chapter 1: Introducing functional programming
Chapter 2: Basic types and simple programs
Chapter 3: Reasoning about programs
Chapter 4: Data structures: Lists
Chapter 5: Reasoning about lists
Chapter 6: Generalization
Chapter 7: Further Generalization
Chapter 8: Types in Miranda
Chapter 9: Algebraic types
Chapter 10: Case study: Huffman codes
Chapter 11: Type abstraction
Chapter 12: Lazy evaluation & Lists revisited
Chapter 13: Infinite lists
Chapter 14: Program behaviour
 Appendix A. Functional and Imperative programming
Appendix B Further reading
Appendix C Glossary
Appendix D Understanding programs
Appendix E Miranda operators
Appendix F Miranda Errors
Appendix G Some Useful Functions

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Published by Pearson (May 31st 1995) - Copyright © 1995